Luc Trudeau

Luc Trudeau, Ph.D. is a video compression researcher. Luc is a coauthor of the Alliance Video 1 (AV1) video format from the Alliance for Open Media. He’s also the author of patents and papers accepted in the most prominent conferences on video compression. Constantly improving himself, Luc strives in the fast-paced environment of video compression.


From conducting research on next-generation video algorithms to platform specific optimization for existing algorithms, Luc is ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work using his expertise to produce value for your organization. His expertise includes:

  • Conducting research on next-generation image and video coding and proposing technology for industry standards
  • Designing and developing algorithms that improve quality and performance of video encoders and decoders (AV1, VP9, HEVC...)
  • Software optimizations for existing algorithms on Intel, Arm and PowerPC platforms
  • Participating in research conferences and standardization meetings

Real Codec Experience


Luc Trudeau provides content-rich, technical, engaging and entertaining presentations tailored to your audience. With more than 5 years of experience as a lecturer, Luc excels at communicating complex concepts in simple terms. No walls of text or complicated abstract diagrams here, real content custom made to maximize learning.

Most recent talk:
Demystifying the role of AI in video coding

As part of the AI track at the SMPTE BootCamp 2019, this talk presented dynamic and adaptive streaming, it clearly explained dynamic optimization of scene and shot based encodings and introduces AI technics for convex hull optmization of video coding parameters.

Potential Topics

  • Video Formats
  • Detailed descriptions of video formats such as AV1, VP9, H.265/HEVC, H.264/AVC, answering questions like: What’s new in this format? Why is this format important? How does it compare to other formats? etc.

  • Video Coding Tools
  • Deep dives on specific video coding tools found in next generation video formats. Learn how to get the most out of these new tools by understanding how they work, why they work and what are the important considerations.

  • Video Streaming
  • Reviews of the state of the art in dynamic adaptive streaming. Descriptions of emerging technologies that reduce bandwidth while maximizing visual quality.